Other Pallet Services

At Spartan Supply Pallet Company, we have more than 40 years of experience delivering high quality products and pallet services to our customers throughout the United States. Beyond simple pallet sales, we offer a wide range of services to meet our clients’ specific needs. No matter whether it’s a local mom-and-pop shop or a Fortune 500 company, we have the know-how and experience to provide the right solutions.

Procurement Solutions

Scrap Removal & Recycling Made Easy

Spartan Supply Pallet Company is your all-in-one solution for scrap removal and recycling. Whether it’s pallets, wood waste, plastic, cardboard, or dunnage of all types, Spartan Supply Pallet Company handles it all so you can focus on your business, not worry about sorting through or disposing of waste. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that all recyclable materials collected by Spartan Supply Pallet Company will be diverted away from landfills and properly reused, lessening your company’s environmental impact.   

As your single source for recycling solutions, Spartan Supply Pallet Company makes it easy for you to dispose of your waste. With a dedicated scrap and recycling trailer on-site, you can simply drop all your waste in one trailer and we’ll handle the rest. Managing scrap and recycling materials has never been easier.

Pallet Reclamation

Profit From Your Pallets

With companies constantly purchasing a weekly flow of recycled pallets, it is very important for them to find a quick, cost-efficient way to reclaim the most value for their scrap wood. At Spartan Supply Pallet Company, we pride ourselves on offering a competitive price for pallets based on the condition and current market value.

We offer premium scrap pickup services and pallet reclamation for all discarded wood pallets with quick turnaround on trailer-based pick-ups for loads of 100 pallets or more. For larger monthly quantities, we will even assign a semi-trailer to be left on-site at your location or schedule a live load at your facility.

Pallet Management

One Solution for All Your Pallet Needs

No matter your need, Spartan Supply Pallet Company is your single-point solution for pallets. As a premier provider of recycled wood pallets, scrap pallet removal, custom pallet design, and more, we offer comprehensive pallet services to our clients. 

Comprehensive pallet management begins with the client; that’s why we work closely with each customer to identify their specific needs. After we’ve examined the situation, we custom-build a pallet management solution to fit each customer’s requirements. And, once a plan is in place, it is consistently and frequently reviewed to ensure it is the right solution. This is all backed-up by our dedicated team of customer service specialists.

Asset Recovery

Reclaim Value & Save Money

At Spartan Supply Pallet Company, we know that pallets can be a significant investment for many companies. All too often, this investment is simply lost and discarded. Fortunately, Spartan Supply Pallet Company can help companies save money and reclaim the value of their pallets with our Asset Recovery program. 

Working with our customers, we develop a program to retrieve shipped pallets, repair or refurbish reusable pallets, and recycle scrap pallets. This closed loop process helps keep good pallets in use and returns the value of your pallets to you. Not only can you save money on new pallets, we’ll also pay you for your recyclable scrap pallets.

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